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Ordinance 5-01-05. Reminder notice

5-01-05. - Eradication, Cutting or Control of Weeds and Tall Grasses by Order of the City Auditor.

At a minimum, all property shall be mowed by June 1, mowed again July 15 and, if necessary, mowed again by September 1 of each year to comply with the provision of this chapter. The City Auditor may order more frequent cutting of tall grass and weeds if necessary for compliance with this chapter and such notice may be given in person, via telephone or by letter.

1. Whenever any person, firm or corporation owning, occupying or in charge of any premises, lot, or parcel of land within the City, shall fail, neglect or refuse to mow the property at least once by June 1 and again by July 15 of each year in accordance with the provisions of this section or shall fail to eradicate, cut or control weeds or tall grasses within seven (7) days of receipt of notice from City Auditor, the City Auditor shall order the nuisance to be abated by eradicating, cutting or controlling the weeds or tall grasses in a manner as specified by the City Auditor, if the City Auditor has first complied with the notice requirements of Section 5- 01-03.
2. A person, firm or corporation notified of impeding City action may cause the eradication, cutting or control of weeds or tall grasses at any time before the City eradicates, cuts or controls the weeds or tall grasses located on the property or may appeal the order of the City Auditor in writing to the Office of City Administration to eradicate, cut or control weeds or tall grasses. The appeal shall be heard by the City Council at their next scheduled meeting.

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