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Non- Criminal Procedures

A noncriminal offense is classified by the city ordinance and carries only a monetary penalty. Noncriminal offenses include speeding and many other traffic-related offenses. The municipal Court has no authority regarding drivers licenses or points that may be assessed by the North Dakota Divers License Division.

Resources & Information
  * Parking Tickets - When receiving a parking ticket you have 30 days to do one of the following:
       1.) Pay the ticket (to Lincoln Municipal Court 74 Santee Road Lincoln, ND 58504) 
       2.)  Write a letter of explanation, including your name, address and phone number. 
   * Posting Bond (Non-Criminal Matters)
      - If you wish to admit the citation you don't need to appear in court but you must pay the ticket within 14 days. 
      -If you wish to request an extension to pay the fine or to make a statement concerning the violation, you must send an email to to have the request or statement sent to the judge and the judge will the request or statement under advisement.
      -If you wish to deny the citation you need to make a hearing request within 14 days of the citation (signing the citation for request of hearing) and pay the required bond on the citation. A court date will be issued to you. If you fail to appear for this scheduled hearing, the bond posted will be forfeited towards to fines/fees.
      - For moving violations, if you do not follow the procedures, your driving privileges may be suspended by the North Dakota Drivers License and Traffic Safety division or by the licensing authority in the state where you are licensed or where you live. 
   * Procedure at the Hearing
      - Witnesses - The City of Lincoln is the Plaintiff. The person named in the citation or complaint is the defendant. Both the city and the defendant may subpoena witnesses to testify and present evidence.
     -Bonds - If the court finds the defendant not guilty, the bind will be returned. The defendant will need the receipt for the bond (the receipt that was issued at the time of paying bond). If the court finds the defendant guilty the bind will be applied to the fine, fees, cost and restitution. There are no additional costs in a non-criminal case.
     - Appeals To appeal a guilty finding in a non-criminal case/ a notice of appeal must be in writing and filed with Municipoal Court within 30 days. The clerk will transmit your court file to the Clerk of District Court. The Clerk of District Court will notify the defendant of future court appearances.  
The conviction is reported to the state licensing authority ever if an appeal is filed.